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Order NSCAW Restricted Release (RR)

These directions are for ordering the NSCAW Restricted Release (RR) data. All other datasets have separate instructions and license forms: please refer to their respective Order pages.

Directions for Requesting the NSCAW Restricted Release (RR) Data

There is no cost to receive the NSCAW RR data. The Restricted Release Data includes both NSCAW I and NSCAW II data. These data are not available to users outside of the U.S..

Stage 1: Submit an application to receive NSCAW Restricted Release

  1. Submit your contact information through our on-line form.
    We will ship the data electronically and we will need your phone number to tell you something called the 'established password' to download the data.

  2. Download the NSCAW Restricted Application and Data Protection Plan (PDF)
    and save it to your hard drive. Rename the PDF with your Last name, First initial, and the text "NSCAW App-DPP". (Example: "Jones, D. NSCAW App-DPP.pdf".).

  3. Complete the form in item 2, save it, and e-mail it to

Stage 2: Within 7 days, you will receive a message from NDACAN that your project has been reviewed. If approved, you must then email to NDACAN the following items:

  1. One completed NSCAW Restricted Data License (PDF).

  2. A Web page (or other certification) saved as a PDF showing that your institution's IRB is registered with the U.S. Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and appears in the OHRP database.

  3. A Web link to your institution's policies and procedures on scientific integrity and misconduct, including the name and address of the person or office responsible for enforcing them.

  4. A notice, in PDF format, from your Institutional Review Board (IRB) showing that it has approved your project or found it exempt from review.

  5. If an investigator has research staff that will use the NSCAW data, complete and submit a Research Staff Form for members of the research team besides the Investigator. Research staff must be formally affiliated with the Investigator's institution (student, staff, faculty, etc.). The Investigator fills out the investigator section of the form electronically, checks the signature box, and saves the form with the title in the format "LastName, FirstInitial NSCAW Staff LastNameofStaff yyyy-mm-dd.pdf" (e.g. Doe, J NSCAW Staff Smith 2016-04-30). The investigator emails the form to the staff person and the staff persons fills out their section, saves the form, and emails it as an attachment to with a cc to the investigator. Use additional copies of this form for additional Research Staff. Very Important: Before receiving the Research Data, the staff must submit complete contact information on our on-line web form through this link: ../about/about-join-our-mailing-list.cfm

Email items 1-5 to: with the words "NSCAW License materials" in the subject line.

Please allow 10 days for delivery after NDACAN receives all Stage 2 items.

To receive the download link, make sure that mail from "" is not blocked by your junk mail filters. Add "" to the trusted contacts in your e-mail system now.

The Restricted Data License (PDF) is a legal document between the researcher, the Receiving Institution (i.e. the Investigator's Institution), and NDACAN. If an Investigator changes institutions, the investigator must notify NDACAN and submit replacements for all items in Stage 1 and Stage 2.

During the course of the research project, the investigator may apply to have more research staff access the NSCAW data by submitting another Research Staff Form. The investigator cannot provide data access to these new research staff until NDACAN sends confirmation of the staff addition. Each research staff person must submit their contact information through our on-line form. Classroom use of the NSCAW Restricted Release data is not permitted.

Questions about acquiring the NSCAW Restricted Release Data may be directed to telephone number 607-255-7799 or via e-mail to