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National Survey of Current and Former Foster Parents, 1993

Dataset Number: 79


Cook, Ronna


The purpose of the National Survey of Current and Former Foster Parents was to collect and analyze data from a nationally representative sample of current and former foster parents that would provide direction for future policy development. This study used a multistage stratified design where probability sampling was employed at each stage of the design. A mail/telephone survey was conducted of current and former foster parents in 16 counties in nine states. Based on lists provided by the counties, 1,572 current foster parents and 362 former foster parents received a questionnaire in the mail. Follow up post cards and telephone calls were made. The survey was designed to identify foster parent characteristics, the types of children for whom they provided care, the types of children they would be willing to care for in the future, and their interactions with the child welfare system. An overall response rate of 71% was achieved.

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