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Contributing Data to NDACAN

Required Grantees

Recipients of research funds provided through the Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) are required to archive their data with NDACAN.

Required Grantees must submit their study documentation and data files to NDACAN prior to their funding end date. Follow the archiving process described on this page. Even if it appears that your study meets one of our exclusion criteria, you are still required to complete the archiving application process. If NDACAN determines that your study is unsuited to archiving, we will send written notification of the decision to you, your federal project officer, and the NDACAN federal project officer.

Once archived and processed, NDACAN will distribute the data to the child maltreatment community two years after the studys funding end date or upon your consent, which ever comes first.

Failure to meet your archiving requirement

If reasonable attempts to resolve grantee non-compliance fail, the Archive will refer the matter to the federal project officers of both the investigator grant and the Archive. Failure to fulfill the archiving requirement could have a negative impact on future Childrens Bureau grant applications.