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Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) List Serve

Database of Past CMRL Messages

Welcome to the database of past Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) list serve messages. The table below contains all past CMRL messages (text only, no attachments) from Nov. 20, 1996 - March 6, 2018 and is updated quarterly.

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ID Date Author Subject
8661 2013-04-30 Brodowski, Melissa (ACF) FYI: AHRQ: New Final Report - Child Exposure to Trauma: Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions Addressing Maltreatment
8660 2013-04-30 Jesse Russell RE: parenting measures
8659 2013-04-30 Claudette Grinnell-Davis Re: parenting measures
8658 2013-04-30 Alexandra Fisher Re: parenting measures
8657 2012-12-10 McLeod, Sandra RE: caseloads in child welfare
8656 2012-12-10 Glenn Higgins Re: caseloads in child welfare
8655 2012-12-06 Keenan, Wendy FW: Outreach Around Forthcoming IOM/NRC Child Maltreatment Report
8654 2012-12-04 Connie Hayek Re: caseloads in child welfare
8653 2012-12-04 Glenn Higgins caseloads in child welfare
8652 2012-12-03 McLeod, Sandra RE: child-on-child sexual abuse
8651 2012-12-03 Andrea Sedlak RE: child-on-child sexual abuse
8650 2012-12-03 John Hartge RE: child-on-child sexual abuse
8649 2012-12-03 Finkelhor, David RE: child-on-child sexual abuse
8648 2012-10-31 aa17 *Data Available*: 2011 Adoption File: Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS)
8647 2012-10-31 Debra Schilling Wolfe Child Welfare Conference Call for Papers
8646 2012-10-29 Robyn Powell Report on Parents with Disabilities and Their Children
8645 2012-10-28 Tanya Nichols Special Issue of Child Maltreatment: Call for Abstracts
8644 2012-10-22 Jessica Bartlett Re: predictors of child maltreatment for teen mothers
8643 2012-10-21 Friend, Colleen predictors of child maltreatment for teen mothers
8642 2012-10-19 Besa Bauta Re: CANS risk assessment
8641 2012-10-19 McLeod, Sandra RE: CANS risk assessment
8640 2012-08-03 Aron Shlonsky Call for abstracts
8639 2012-08-01 Brodowski, Melissa (ACF) FYI: Call for Abstracts Pediatrics special issue on Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting and Pediatric Care
8638 2012-07-31 Brodowski, Melissa (ACF) FYI: MCH Research Application Guidance Now Available on
8637 2012-07-27 Andrea Sedlak RE: childhood emotional/psychological maltreatment
8636 2012-07-27 Michael Durfee RE: Child Welfare Information Gateway: New State Guides and Manuals searchable database
8635 2011-02-25 Raelene Freitag RE: Greene v. Camreta
8634 2011-02-25 Daniel Pollack Re: Greene v. Camreta
8633 2011-02-25 D F MCMAHON Greene v. Camreta
8632 2011-02-24 Ana Sierra Re: Studies on ethnic minority resilience and protective factors
8631 2011-02-24 Doris Houston Studies on ethnic minority resilience and protective factors
8630 2011-02-22 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: 2009 Adoption Data, Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS)
8629 2011-02-15 Felicia Freeman RE: Assessing Levels of Force or Fear
8628 2011-02-15 Carol Duncan Re: Assessing Levels of Force or Fear
8627 2011-02-12 Betty Wade Coyle Assessing Levels of Force or Fear
8626 2011-01-30 Rob Longo RE: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8625 2011-01-30 Rosemary Caolo RE: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8624 2011-01-30 cecox Re: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8623 2011-01-23 Toni Cavanagh Johnson Do a few of you have some time to review
8622 2011-01-22 Andres Arroyo *Application Deadline Final Reminder* Summer Research Institute 2011
8621 2011-01-21 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: NCANDS State Level Data 2009: National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
8620 2011-01-21 Elissa Brown Human Trafficking- Give Us Your Point of View on Your Work
8619 2011-01-19 Holly Larrabee NSCAW I and II Slide Presentation Available
8618 2010-10-20 Taussig, Heather Postdoctoral Opportunity
8617 2010-10-20 Jackson, Shelly L *HS RE: advice
8616 2010-10-20 Janet Murray RE: advice
8615 2010-10-20 Elissa Brown advice
8614 2010-10-19 Taussig, Heather Postdoctoral Research Training Opportunities
8613 2010-10-19 Kathy Lemon Osterling parental ambivalence and reentry to foster care
8612 2010-10-15 Douglas, Emily M. RE: Call for Papers