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Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) List Serve

Database of Past CMRL Messages

Welcome to the database of past Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) list serve messages. The table below contains all past CMRL messages (text only, no attachments) from Nov. 20, 1996 - March 6, 2018 and is updated quarterly.

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Displaying CMRL messages 1501 - 1550 of 10361
ID Date Author Subject
8861 2011-06-10 Laurel Edinburgh Assessment of Runaways for Sexual Abuse
8860 2011-06-10 Christine Wekerle Re: Children Who Foster
8859 2011-06-10 Sarah Beatty Children Who Foster
8858 2011-06-02 APSAC Fw: Register Today for APSAC's Colloquim This July
8857 2011-05-27 Sandra Azar RE: Doctoral Research Project
8856 2011-05-26 Briana Hoffman Doctoral Research Project
8855 2011-05-25 Williams, Crystalle RE: Safety and Risk Assessments
8854 2011-05-24 McLeod, Sandra RE: Safety and Risk Assessments
8853 2011-05-22 Debra Schilling Wolfe Registration ending soon for Child Welfare Conference at UPenn
8852 2011-05-21 Denise Hines FW: Registration Opens for Child and Family Policy Conference
8851 2011-05-19 Breitenstein, Larry D. Safety and Risk Assessments
8850 2011-05-16 Mary Haskett potential listserv post
8849 2011-05-05 Kevin E. Brown Northeast Ohio Fathers involved with Public Child Welfare Research Project
8848 2011-04-29 McLeod, Sandra RE: Foster Care Aging Out
8847 2011-04-27 Aeolian Jackson Foster Care Aging Out
8846 2011-04-26 Hiles, Amy Leigh Senior Research Specialist-University of Ilinois
8845 2011-04-20 Kristin Zagar 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect- Call for Abstracts
8844 2011-04-18 John Eckenrode request to complete short survey
8843 2011-04-09 Leah Faw 2 foster care questions (kin placement and generational effects)
8842 2011-04-06 beth peters Re: adolescent help-seeking behavior
8841 2011-04-06 Finkelhor, David New Bulletin on Sexting Typology
8840 2011-04-06 Edward De Vos RE: adolescent help-seeking behavior
8839 2011-04-05 Hurst, Tamara adolescent help-seeking behavior
8838 2011-04-04 Finkelhor, David Call for Pre-proposal Africa and Latin America: Optimus Study on Protecting Children
8837 2011-04-04 APSAC APSAC Colloquium Is This July in Philadelphia
8836 2011-04-04 D F MCMAHON ADHD "misdiagnosis"
8835 2011-03-31 Renee Seay Re: child-maltreatment-research-l digest: March 30, 2011
8834 2011-03-30 Raelene Freitag RE: CMRL List Posting: Seeking Literature on Continuing Education for Child Welfare Workers/Supervisors
8833 2011-03-30 Rob Longo RE: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8832 2011-03-29 Penny Priest Re: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8831 2011-03-29 Friend, Colleen RE: CMRL List Posting: Seeking Literature on Continuing Education for Child Welfare Workers/Supervisors
8830 2011-03-28 Sarah Beatty CMRL List Posting: Seeking Literature on Continuing Education for Child Welfare Workers/Supervisors
8829 2011-03-28 cecox RE: Misdiagnosis of ADHD in Abused Children
8828 2011-03-26 Cindy Markushewski RE: witnessing arrests
8827 2011-03-25 Aryn Wren witnessing arrests
8826 2011-03-24 Elliott G Smith Fwd: 2nd National Child Welfare Evaluation Summit: Now Accepting Abstracts Electronically!
8825 2011-03-23 Andrea Gromoske seeking researchers interested in neighborhood, community, and state factors related to child maltreatment
8824 2011-03-23 James Hafner Prevention of CSEC
8823 2011-03-23 Christen Krzywonski Child Fatalities Conference
8822 2011-03-21 Mitchell-Herzfeld, Susan (OCFS) RE: Prevention of CSEC
8821 2011-03-21 Beth Corrington Meloy Re: Prevention of CSEC
8820 2011-03-21 Williams, Linda RE: Prevention of CSEC
8819 2011-03-21 Sue Foley RE: Prevention of CSEC
8818 2011-03-18 Cindy Markushewski RE: Prevention of CSEC
8817 2011-03-18 Adrienne Fernandes Re: Prevention of CSEC
8816 2011-03-18 Hurst, Tamara Prevention of CSEC
8815 2011-03-15 Debra Schilling Wolfe Multidisciplinary Child Maltreatment Conference Registration Open
8814 2011-03-07 Andres Arroyo Postdoctoral Fellows in Emotional Disturbance Program
8813 2011-03-02 Denise Hines FW: Child and Family Policy Conference - Call for Abstracts Extended!!
8812 2011-03-01 Brodowski, Melissa (ACF) FW: Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) Call for Studies