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Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) List Serve

Database of Past CMRL Messages

Welcome to the database of past Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) list serve messages. The table below contains all past CMRL messages (text only, no attachments) from Nov. 20, 1996 - March 6, 2018 and is updated quarterly.

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ID Date Author Subject
9084 2012-01-25 Aron Shlonsky Re: TPR Data
9083 2012-01-25 Barth, Rick RE: TPR Data
9082 2012-01-25 Matt Gunnip TPR Data
9081 2012-01-24 Re: timing of abuse
9080 2012-01-24 Melanie Sage Re: timing of abuse
9079 2012-01-23 Anne Day Re: timing of abuse
9078 2012-01-23 Diane Miller Re: timing of abuse
9077 2012-01-23 Mary Jo Ortiz RE: timing of abuse
9076 2012-01-23 Jessica Bartlett Re: timing of abuse
9075 2012-01-23 Lois Thiessen Love Re: timing of abuse
9074 2012-01-23 sandi ledyard Re: timing of abuse
9073 2012-01-23 Todd McDonald timing of abuse
9072 2012-01-17 Denise Hines Call for Abstracts - 5th Nat'l Res Conf on Child and Family Programs & Policy
9071 2012-01-16 Friend, Colleen RE: data linking domestic violence and child sexual abuse
9070 2012-01-16 Andres Arroyo *Final Reminder*: Summer Research Institute, June 11-15, 2012: Announcement and Call for Applications
9069 2012-01-14 Rob Longo RE: data linking domestic violence and child sexual abuse
9068 2012-01-14 Lisa Fontes Re: data linking domestic violence and child sexual abuse
9067 2012-01-13 Valerie Harper RE: data linking domestic violence and child sexual abuse
9066 2012-01-13 Sarita Hudson data linking domestic violence and child sexual abuse
9065 2012-01-12 Amy Hahn New Journal on Non-Resident Fathers and Child Welfare
9064 2012-01-10 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: Second National Juvenile Online Victimization Incidence Study (NJOV-2)
9063 2012-01-09 Andres Arroyo Registration is Open for the 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
9062 2012-01-09 Andres Arroyo Job Announcement: Director of Research and Evaluation, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Cornell University
9061 2012-01-05 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, State Level Data (NCANDS State), FFY- 2010
9060 2012-01-05 Ondersma, Steven RE: substance abuse
9059 2012-01-05 Aron Shlonsky Re: substance abuse
9058 2012-01-05 Lucy Hudson RE: substance abuse
9057 2012-01-05 Wendy Schudrich RE: substance abuse
9056 2012-01-05 Raelene Freitag RE: substance abuse
9055 2012-01-05 Ruth Anne White RE: substance abuse
9054 2012-01-04 Todd McDonald substance abuse
9053 2012-01-03 Rauktis, Mary E Murphy Call for Research and Outcomes Presenations on Foster Care
9052 2011-12-21 Elliott G Smith AFCARS Foster Care Data in the News
9051 2011-12-20 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN), Assessments 0-14
9050 2011-12-20 Andres Arroyo *Data Available* NCANDS Child File 2010: National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
9049 2011-12-16 Andres Arroyo Summer Research Institute, June 11-15, 2012: Announcement and Call for Applications -Reminder
9048 2011-12-08 Emily Greytak RE: mandatory reporting research
9047 2011-12-08 Re: mandatory reporting research
9046 2011-12-08 Dan Taube RE: mandatory reporting research
9045 2011-12-07 Aileen Torres Re: Measuring racism
9044 2011-12-07 Sarita Hudson RE: mandatory reporting research
9043 2011-12-06 Diane Miller Re: Measuring racism
9042 2011-12-06 John Devaney RE: mandatory reporting research
9041 2011-12-06 Anne Day Re: mandatory reporting research
9040 2011-12-06 Sarita Hudson mandatory reporting research
9039 2011-12-06 Brodowski, Melissa (ACF) FYI: Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVEE) Call for Studies - Submissions due Jan 6th
9038 2011-12-03 Wells, Susan J RE: Measuring racism
9037 2011-12-02 Jane Marshall Fwd: Recalling Days on the Run With Abducted Children
9036 2011-11-30 D F MCMAHON RE: relinquishment of custody
9035 2011-11-30 Linda Nickerson Re: relinquishment of custody