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Publications Related to NDACAN Datasets and to Secondary Research


child abuse and neglect Digital Library

canDL is a database of references related to NDACAN datasets and to secondary research. It is maintained as a publically accessible RefShare database. The search forms on this page will display results in a new browser window.

Use canDL to

  • Look for published research related to a dataset.
  • View full-text of many articles. The availability of full-text for some articles on our site is based upon the journal subscriptions of your university, business, or organization.
  • Look for articles about statistical methods or secondary research.
  • Look up topics of particular interest (for instance, Alternative Response)
  • Create your own collection of references using the My List feature.
  • Print a bibliography of select references in APA, AMA, or Annotated APA style.
  • Export a list of references to your own citation management software (RefWorks, EndNote, etc.) Note that the bibliographic output from this database will require proofreading and formatting. If you notice errors in your output, please email canDL Support.
  • Keep up-to-date on new publications by using the RSS feed. From the RefShare database of interest, click on the RSS button and follow instructions to subscribe. Your RSS reader will alert you when new publications are added.

To search canDL

Click on the link to a particular folder or topic below OR

Use the search box at the top of this page to do a quick search for a keyword present anywhere in the record OR

Click on the link to canDL and search from the RefShare interface.

Advanced searching options are available from the Search pull-down menu.

Additional (separate) databases

Current subsets of canDL by dataset (All of the citations found in these subsets can also be found in the canDL)

Descriptions of each dataset can be found on the Datasets page.

Please Contribute Citations to canDL

This database is an actively changing resource for the child maltreatment research community. We will be progressively adding citations. If you notice any absent citations that you feel should be included, please email them to NDACAN. We appreciate your contribution to our effort.

For Help

Email NDACAN Support with any questions.

Also, RefWorks and RefShare offer help pages and multiple tutorial sessions. Click on the Help menu from the RefShare page.